Symposium [Sharing ideas about changing governments]

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The regular blog you are reading is doubly blessed though your regular visits. 

This blog has created a movement.  Though it began small, it has simply kept growing until today; thousands have been regularly reading my thoughts on society and on politics.

I gratefully say doubly blessed because, through this blog I am witnessing an awakening of the voices of a long-too-silent majority who have begun the quest for real answers from our politicians.

Significantly, the blog itself (by way of its readership) has brought together a diverse collection of folks with genuine concerns about how Ontario and Canada are being governed.

I have come to very much appreciate a daily mailbox full of comments and responses and wide spread feed-back.  Some comments are witty and funny.  Others have expressed sincere anger focused at federal, provincial and (yes!) municipal governments.

The plan of this blog has always remained that it should invoke and promote individual thoughts and concerns about how we are governed.  In a busy and fast-paced life style, folks are increasingly making a conscientious choice to distrust the mainstream media which (too often) acts as an agent and enabler for bad government and mediocre politicians.

2018 will mark dates for some major elections – locally and provincially.  Following that, the entire country will become engaged in a national election. It is fairly predictable that the tentacles of political spin masters and tepid media will do whatever it can to maintain an unacceptable status-quo.

The most recent polling numbers add large credibility to my comments concerning wide-spread unhappiness about our governments.  The most recent Ontario numbers evidence that 88% of the voters in that province disapprove of the current (Wynne/Liberal) government.  Similarly, the overwhelming majority of Canadians (63%) disapprove of the current Trudeau/Liberal government.

For the voices of a long-too silent majority to begin being heard, it takes grassroots – large scale participation.  It is unlikely that government plans, priorities and policies have any incentive for change without widespread –community based political activism leading to high voter turnouts of Election Day.

I am truly humbled by the genuine intelligence being regularly shared by readers of this blog.

None of us is as smart as ALL of us and not one of us is as powerful the collective readers of this blog.  Certainly neither media outlet nor any of the backroom operatives inside the political machines has shown any sign of identifying important issues and advocating for a fairer society. I am certain that among the MANY regular readers of “Thunderbird Rising” are folks who have the ideas needed to make Canada better.

Shall we embark on yet another four-year government cycle of inept indifference or (through collective activism) see to it that run-away energy costs no longer crush family finances?  What type of society will evolve as a result of a biased immigration system that places higher emphasis on symbolic policy instead of long-term nation building?

Building a Working man’s and Working Woman’s Agenda

Back in 1932, the YMCA organized an annual conference in Geneva Park at Lake Couchiching near Orillia, Ontario.  The Couchiching Conferences evolved into a think tank at which pressing issues of the day were discussed by many of the “great minds” of that time.

No, I do not advocate imitating the present version of the Couchiching Conference that has become over run with “social justice warriors”.  Instead, I suggest Couchiching speaker, C. Wright Mills (in 1954) aptly described a political cancer that has become all too familiar in recent times.  Mills asked, “What is the dominant mood of people like us, who try to think up questions and answer them ourselves instead of waiting to be FED both the questions and the answers?”

My Proposal to Each of You

My suggestion is that in the fall of this year (2017) we collectively meet in a genuine grassroots symposium and that this short (3 day) meeting would enable an inspiring group of political activists to combine insights and knowledge with a view towards empowering a silent majority and causing fair and reasonable government in the upcoming elections.

Such a conference would be held in the Greater Toronto Area since a large number of my readers reside in that region of Canada.  This “symposium” will have at its core the right for each to be heard as we share ideas towards building a plan.

I have some experience in building and facilitating such an event and am curious to hear back from each of you as to your interest in taking part.  You will hopefully benefit by sharing collective wisdom of a truly remarkable group of grassroots political activists – folks just like you!

I suggest that we can hold participation costs to a minimum.  $200 or so should adequately cover the cost of a venue rental plus coffee etc. To be viable, we would need about 200 like minded folks to take an ACTIVE part.  And, I hope that you are one of them!

Are you interested?  If so, email me at

I sincerely hope to hear from you and admit that without your participation, this “symposium” would be much less successful.   

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