Auditor General Nails Trudeau Government [It seems wide spread]


Auditor General Michael Ferguson

Auditor General Michael Ferguson revealed his 2017 report in Ottawa.

The report got little or no coverage by the ultra-Liberal friendly media but reveals an overall pattern of neglect, abuse and mismanagement. Among Ferguson’s findings, critical faults in a number areas ought to be sending signals to all Canadians that the present government is doing a very bad job in areas that effect public health and safety.

Ferguson cited the Canadian Border Security Agency (CBSA) a number of times for failing to pay attention to over 9,000 reports of “potential threats entering Canada “including several by organized crime elements and illegal drugs entering Canada.  Ferguson raised the subject of CBSA’s failure to “police” itself and prevent internal corruption among its staff.

Ferguson further pointed out that CBSA and Immigration Canada had wide spread failures wherein they neglected to screen individuals entering Canada and applying for Permanent Resident Status.  Glaring omissions revealed that some of the immigrants had simply leaked through the system without meetings of investigation.  In a number of those cases, Ferguson pointed out that his audit revealed “Some of them “involved organized crime and contraband drugs.”  Ferguson added that a large number of foreign workers entered Canada, “without appropriate justification,” including in” some cases to people with criminal convictions”.

In a number of documented cases, Ferguson pointed out that low cost foreign labor had been imported by “some employers” without due diligence by Immigration Canada requiring that the potential employer proved attempts to find Canadians willing and able to perform the same work.

It is paradoxical that the Trudeau regime that preaches its desire to help people “join the middle class” is helping that goal by permitting workers under the Foreign Workers Program to enter Canada at lower pay rates thus eroding Canadian pay structures.

Ferguson pointed out that sloppy day-to-day practice by CBSA had led to failure to collect over $168,000,000 in Canada Customs Duty thus harming Canada’s dairy, chicken, turkey, beef and egg production.  

Trudeau’s “sunny ways” and “open door policies” may be at the heart of the indifference exhibited by the Federal Agencies and Departments cited by Ferguson who (on several occasions) mentions that possibility of departmental corruption going unattended.

Too many uninformed Canadians simply fail to comprehend wide open doors may well have unintended consequences on public safety and well-being of Canadians.

(This information was obtained from a “Canadian Press” report published May 16, 2017).

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34 thoughts on “Auditor General Nails Trudeau Government [It seems wide spread]”

    1. Yes , thank you for your article , we have had enough of Sunny Ways and the conditions that he is forcing Canadians to tolerate. . The safety and futures of Canadians is being threatened with the open borders , irresponsible spending in out of country whatever’s ? We need a government that is interested in working with Canadians for a strong and healthy society .

    2. If people would open their minds they would realise that Justin (traitor) Trudeau and his band of Canadian turncoats including Kathleen Wynne have sold us out and have been destroying our Country and especially our culture deliberately under the orders of partners George Soros and the nonstop implementation and nefarious United Nations Agenda 21 Sustainable development or 2030 and all under false pretense, (notice the Government and mainstream media will always deny the UN Agenda 21 Sustainable development) these tyrants are only interested in one thing “controlling EVERY aspect of your life” through numerous scams like Global Warming, Carbon Tax, Hydro One, Gender Crisis, LRT, Land use to name a few and so much more to come. IF people would only read “the United Nations Agenda 21 Sustainable development” then and only then will it become clear what these UNELECTED control freaks “Psychopaths” have been doing, then start totally exposing the mass corruption involved

    1. The PK will have Canada destroyed by 2019, he is up to something since Clintons are up visiting him in Canada, the 2 crooks together sure as hell up to something no good.

  1. If the auditor General was serious -he has the authority to remove the prime minister. immediately so I think he’s pounding wind up everybody’s ass

    1. The Auditor General is an employee of Parliament and, therefore does not have that type of authority as would allow him to simply remove Justin Trudeau. In truth??? the authority to remove Trudeau rests in the hands of every single person who voted for a local Liberal candidate in the past election – the fault/guilt/shame is on each liberal voter’s hands and (worse) the huge majority who sat on the sofa and ddi not vote. This is what you gave us!

      1. That in a nutshell is it, every word of it. Not only did an uneducated and ignorant throng of voters put the mutt in power but I dare say the apathetic remainder of society could have changed it.

      2. I agree with you 100% but despite all the known facts, lie-berals are lie-berals and refuse to see what is happening but they wonder why it’s happening.

      3. Maybe just maybe they will get off their ass and do the responsible thing and vote this incompetent Trudeau liberal government out before the bank is totally broke and they will not even be able to buy beer

    2. Where did you get that idea…He doesn’t even have the power to lay charges against ANYONE….they are all there to kiss Justin’s ass because he has the only important thing in the corrupt land that is our Canada….He has the keys to the vault….

  2. Trudeau is a joke and he must be gone ASAP so much damage done already how much more is he going to do to Canada. Cannot believe how he has gotten away with so much and no one seems to be able to put a end to this idiot.

    1. It started with his father who was an asshole and Justin is his father reincarnated to carry on what his father started……………

  3. If you look back, Jr said “Sunni Ways”, it was the media that changed the spelling. That in itself, should have put even the dumbest people on high alert. Unfortunately, it went unnoticed.

  4. I blog often and I really appreciate your content. This great article has really peaked my interest. I’m going to book mark your blog and keep checking for new information about once per week. I subscribed to your Feed as well.

  5. I am not sure Trudeau’s feet have ever touched the ground since he came into this world on a silver spoon. One thing I am sure we would all agree on……he is very shallow and selfish, qualities that do not make for a good leader. This is his ride and like a spoiled child, he is going to ride this as long as he can. He does not care about us. He cares about his keeping his toy…..the PM job. Canada has Ontario to blame for this man being in power and God’s judgement on Ontario is having Wynne in power there. Wickedness is having a field day in this country!

    1. There is enough “blame” in all regoins where a Lib. MP was elected. I am dumbfounded at the Maritimes which elected entirely Liberal. Good news ahead in Ontario where there is a solid chance that the Lib. Premier (Wynne) is likely headed for a defeat next year. However, even IF Ontario voe out all its Lib. Federal members of parliament, Trudeau could still cling to a minority government.

  6. He is a traitor to our Nation , he cares more about his seat on the UN than he does for his countrymen & women . He will destroy our Country from within , destroy our children’s & grand children’s future . We need to march on Ottawa and demand that the G-General do his job and remove him from office . The more we talk about it , the more he will do to kill our freedom . The time for action is now………….

    1. I have to ask….who appoints the GG…??? He is going to remove his BOSS??? Not too likely in the corrupt kingdom of Canada….our politicians and most of the bureaucracy are all there for the same reason….make a much money as you can for as long as you can…..then set yourself up for the best of the Cash for Life Pension plan…or 2 ….or 3…..

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