Ontario Election Looms – One year away [Bold early predictions]

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Contacts inside key Ontario ridings indicate that the writing is on the wall for Ontario’s (once mighty) Liberals.  The end is nigh and all indications are that NO presently held Liberal seat in the Ontario legislature is safe.  Numerous cabinet members as well as long-term back benchers would appear to be headed for almost certain defeat in the 2018 Ontario election.

Look for these seats to certainly have new representation after the 2018 Ontario election:

{Look for almost certain Conservative Gains in These Ridings}

Guelph – Liberal Liz Sandals will be gone

London North Center – will NOT re elect Deb Matthews

Toronto, St. Paul’s – Eric Hoskins projected to finish “distant” second

Toronto Don Valley, West –Lib. Leader/Premier Kathleen Wynne headed for humiliating upset

Toronto Willowdale – long time Lib stalwart David Zimmer headed for defeat

Scarborough Centre – Lib. Brad Duguid on his OUT.

Scarborough Rouge River – former City Council member (and present Lib incumbent) Baz  Balkissoon out

Ottawa Centre – Lib. Party President, Yasir Naqvi will finish distant second

Mississauga South – Finance Minister  Charles Sousa a certain defeat here

{Look for NDP Gains}

Toronto Centre –Lib. Glen Murray headed to certain loss here

Scarborough Southwest – Orange pickup here as Lib. Berardinetti a certain defeat

{Look for almost certain Lib.losses in These Ridings May have PC or NDP winners}

Windsor West – Lib. Teresa Piruzza trailing both PC and NDP


If the Ontario election was held today, the Liberals would be left without a single seat in 905 and 416.

Last Remnants of Liberal Party will be half dozen seats in Eastern Ontario and possibly two in Ontario’s south west.


I regularly communicate with a wide range of knowledgeable and active voters in most Ontario ridings.  I have formed conclusions based upon repeated conversations with local residents in those ridings and am encouraged to find that their opinions reasonably tracks recent polling.

Current party standings in Ontario are Liberal (57 seats); PC (29 seats); NDP (21 seats ) .

Based entirely upon public opinions on a riding by riding basis, the most likely result for the future (June 7th, 2018) would see the Ontario Legislature made up of Progressive Conservatives (59 seats); NDP (41 seats) and Liberals (7 seats).

Years of scandal have taken their toll. However, the strongest motivators among voters will be trust and energy costs.

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One thought on “Ontario Election Looms – One year away [Bold early predictions]”

  1. Great to see Conservatives pulling forward and Liberals losing seats. I hope the Libs are almost wiped out in the next election for their disregard for Canadians.

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