Madeleine Meilleur Pork Barrel


The Lieberals advertised a vacancy for the position of Commissioner of Official Languages (a seven year term). This is a powerful and influential position, pays $314,100 per year and is an “officer of Parliament”.

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This appointment does not pass the “smell test”. Meillieur served as a Lieberal MPP in Ontario (in the McGuinty and Wynne regimes) for 13 years before leaving politics finally in June 2016.

Research on the Elections Canada site reveals that Meillieur made financial contributions to the Jusitn Trudeau Leadership campaign and (more recently) to the Federal Lieberal Party prior to the 2015 election.

Pay to Play Version 2.0

There are obvious questions when we have read extensively that the Trudeau government appears to be using a “pay to play” process for potential bidders on government purchases. Is it possible that high level appointments such as this are being carried out under a “pay to play” scheme as well??

Meillieur was questioned (May 18, 2017) by a Parliamentary Committee where it also became known that in the process of her selection as favored appointee she had engaged in private discussion with Gerald Butts and Katie Telford from the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO). One is left to wonder if all the other potential candidates for this appointment were afforded similar discussions with the PMO ????

Hidden Details Smell Badly

The entire Meilleur matter has some (very) serious inconsistencies. Advertisements for the position indicate that applications for the vacancy were to be submitted NOT LATER THAN JANUARY 9, 2017. Meilleur’s testimony at the committee revealed that she commenced her dialogue pertaining to this position well after the closing date for applications and then appears to have benefited from “friends” in the PMO.

Justice must not only be served. It must also seem to be served and there are a large number of questions involved in this stunt.

The Lieberals benefit from a majority in Parliament and are likely to simply wield their might and force this through – no badly how bad it smells.

Is this part of the open and transparent government that we heard So much about during his election campaign?

Sunny ways  are especially sunny for insiders.


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