Lib/Dem Pushing for Confrontation with Russia Not a Good Idea

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Pressure Continues to Mount – Results Could be BAD


For his first six (plus) months in office, President Donald Trump has had a rough ride in the Senate.  Despite that, the world’s greatest democracy and singular super-power continues to stumble forward. Hardly a day passes without President Trump enacting one executive order or another aimed (according to him) at restoring America’s greatness.

A lesser man would have tossed in the proverbial towel weeks ago to the relentless criticism from the main-stream-media.  How nice would it be to compliments for relocation of vital industrial jobs in the “rust belt states”?    Missing is any reports of many families of miners in Pennsylvania and the Virginias who are beginning to see regular pay checks after years of doing without.

There is an agenda at work within news organizations such as CNN that, in other generations would have been labeled as “fifth columnists”  (Fifth Columnists are: clandestine groups or factions of subversive agents who attempt to undermine a nation’s solidarity by any means at their disposal).

The Russian Question

There has been an ongoing story line emanating from the media about Russian involvement in the USA election.  The world of international espionage has been ongoing for many generations.  It is proven fact that the USA government was fully engaged in the federal elections in Canada in 1963.  The RCMP subsequently identified (by way of evidence) that USA President John F. Kennedy (a Democrat) pulled big strings behind the scenes to facilitate the election of (Liberal) Lester Pearson and the ultimate defeat of (Progressive Conservative) incumbent Prime Minister John Deifenbaker. It’s all available on-line and paints a (very) much clearer picture of foreign interference in the recent USA elections.

Make no mistake. All countries (even Canada) attempt to effect preferred outcomes in democratic elections in other nations.  There is no smoking gun connecting Russia with Hillary Clinton’s defeat. Trump was democratically elected for two simple reasons; (a) the time was right for a “nationalist movement” within USA and a government that would be primarily attentive to the best interests of Americans and (b) Hillary Clinton was a pathetic candidate.  Presidents don’t get elected based on sympathy.

Was Russia sniffing around the offices of both the Democratic Party and (likely) the Republican Party? I would suggest that the answer to each question is probably true.  However trying and actually accomplishing any task are not the same.  It is easy to hurl criticism at President Trump simply because he attempted to thaw terrible international relationships between the two nations.

I suggest that even my worst enemy can become my best ally when faced with a common foe (an enemy of each).

The history of the Crimea and the Ukraine are part of a nasty period in history.  I (for one) am unconvinced that the present Ukraine government is the slightest bit more democratic than that of the Russian Federation.  However, sanctions today are not based on events that occurred 30 years ago as the former Soviet Union disintegrated.

Sun Tzu advised that it is wisest to “keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.”  Russia today is no more or less “nasty” than Stalin’s Kremlin at the time of the Second World War.   It is extremely hypocritical today over political boundary disputes in the Ukraine without also reflecting on the facts and upon history (which is always the best teacher).

Mutual convenience of national interests is never hampered by problems from the past. One hundred years ago (1919) the Kiev Pogroms launched widespread Jewish genocide inside the Ukraine at the hands of the infamous “White Army Volunteers” who in most ways acted no differently than Hitler’s “brown shirts”.  Each group was equally ruthless and paid no attention to human rights.

In 1945 when Churchill, Roosevelt and Soviet Leader Joseph Stalin formed an allegiance, Hitler and the German armies were suddenly faced with fight a war on two fronts (inside Europe as well as in the Soviet Union).  It is ironic that Stalin’s internal domestic policies relating to the Ukrainian genocide 0f 1932 and 1933.  In that act of genocide, the weapon of choice employed by Stalin was deprivation of food.  The end result of Stalin’s “Holdomor” resulted in the deaths of an estimated 7 million Ukrainians.

At the end of the day, however the Russian involvement in WWII shortened the war and established a principle that is still feasible today.  Partnerships with even the worst enemy for a “common good” can sometimes work out well. (ergo: the defeat of Nazi Germany)

Why Alienate a Sleeping Bear?

That the free world is in a period of wide spread strife, there is no denial.  The entire free world is engaged in conflict with a fanatical enemy – modern day islam.  Picking a fight with Russia at this point in history is the recipe for disaster.


The troubling battles with a rag-tag bunch of fanatics would be noting like engaging in warfare with the Russian army. Russian military (unlike ISIS) is highly trained, sophisticated and battle ready.  By comparison, ISIS is a joke.  The combined forces of the various islamic gangs has occupied the military efforts of the USA and Russia (Formerly Soviet Union) for almost thirty years.  Thus far, it has been a war of attrition in which small land areas move back and forth under Islamic or allied control.  It may be the right time form a pact with Russia to permanently snuff out islam.

Rather than “tugging at the lion’s tail” by way of sanctions, it may well be the right time to form a mutual partnership with the intent to rid the world of  this political death cult known as islam.

As the allies did at the Yalta Meeting where Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin committed to work together to rid the world of nazi German expansionism and then sat together t o redraw borders and boundaries; ultimately the only way to defeat islamic radicals needs a unified and cohesive approach. Such a common front will suffer badly if President Trump allows the opposition to force his hand on sanctions.

The globalist agendas of George Soros, Justin Trudeau, Hillary Clinton and Aga Khan are not pathways towards democracy and are no less frightening than modern day islamic warfare.

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