I Endorse Doug Ford for Mayor of Toronto



I have loads of followers and regular readers living in Toronto and I rarely endorse ANYONE  for a political office.

Maybe it’s time that ordinary did begin speaking out and here goes.

I have watched the city of Toronto flounder since the present mayor took office and know (full well) that Toronto is the economic engine that fuels Ontario and remains a major factor in Canada’s place in the world.  Folks in Toronto deserve better than what we have seen transpire.

The Facts Speak Loudly Enough

Under the late Mayor, Rob Ford (despite the controversies) things were much better. Since then, things have deteriorated in Toronto.  In fact, I will not even mention the present Mayor’s name – he does not deserve that much recognition.

The facts are that until the present mayor came into office, Toronto was rated as the BEST city in which to work and the second best city in which to live. Under the present mayor, we have witnessed Toronto fall to NUMBER 15 in both areas.

What affects the City of Toronto effects the entire GTA.

I have known the Ford family and especially Doug Ford for years.  The Fords genuinely care about the folks in Toronto.  Their involvement in the world of politics is more a “calling” than a job. 

Doug Ford’s personable approach and genuine love of ordinary people (the working man and woman) transcends political party lines.  I know very well that his warmth and genuine love of his Toronto gathers support for him from the left and the right.  Among his staunchest backers, you are likely to find Liberals, Progressive Conservative and (YES) even NDP supporters.

It seems to me that Toronto needs and deserves much better and Doug is a great choice to lead the city back to the top.

I urge my Toronto readers to get involved in his Mayoral Campaign leading up to the October 2018 City election.  I similarly ask my readers and followers from outside Toronto to pass along the word to your friends and family inside Toronto.

I am so happy to see Doug Ford running for Mayor of Toronto.  It is like a ray of sunshine after months of rain.  Good luck Doug Ford.

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