Leaked from Liberal meetings


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Note the flag Trudeau is waving!


Trudeau Manipulation is causing internal rifts inside “party”

As you know, the “trudeau Cabinet” met (privately) in Sudbury last week followed by a meeting with the full liberal caucus in Quebec.  The media was excluded from the private talk that took place.  However, (wink) it’s nice to still have  few friends inside the red liberal tent.  Over a couple of drinks, I learned what was taking place.  And here it is.

Apparently the “big thinkers” inside the grit party are becoming worried about  Trudeau’s blatant attempts to hustle LGBT votes (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans-sexual groups). His actions on the LGBT front have created “quite”  a reaction from the muslim caucus in the liberal party.  As I am hearing things, the rift arose when the rather large muslim component of the present liberal caucus found voice and began openly complaining.

The Muslim Liberal Caucus


In the present liberal caucus, 10 muslims got elected and are inside the liberal caucus (Omar Alghbra; Ali Ehsassi; Ahmed Hussen; Maid Jawhari; Iqra Khalid; Maryam Monsaf; Yasmin Ratansi; Marwan Tabbara; Arif Virani and SalmaZahid). 

Two notable individuals are presently in “key” positions.  Maryam Monsaf has been handed the file to bring about election reform in Canada.  Trudeau had stated several times throughout the past election that this would be the last election in which “first past the post” would determine which party governed Canada.   There is huge opportunity for the liberal party in bringing about a carefully calculated alternative process that will assure an easy path to victory for the liberal party for ensuing elections.

Saudi born Omar Alghbra, the former president of the Canadian Arab Federation is by far the de facto spokesperson for the remaining 9 other muslims inside the liberal caucus.  Alghbra is a long-time friend of Trudeau and one of his backers at the liberal convention in Montreal.  Alghbra took a very active role in the past federal election by travelling with Trudeau and regularly introducing at various mosques as well as the Reviving the Islamic Spirit Conference that took place in Toronto in December 2012.

Alghbra has openly made it known that he ideally would like to see Canada (his adopted country) adopt full scale Sharia (Islamic) law.  Even during the campaign, on Trudeau’s behalf, Alghbra was making commitments that Trudeau would create a friendly and supportive environment with the Islamic Republic of Iran (a well known financer of militant terrorism throughout the Levant).

For his delivery of large blocs of muslim votes in Canada, Alghbra was handed a cabinet spot dealing with international relations as well as our embassies .  Embassies, among other roles are the front line operation for the issuance of visas allowing foreigners to come into Canada.  

It was largely through Alghbra’s insistence that Canada restored funding for the UN Agency (UNRWA) for Palestinian relief. The previous government had cuts ties with UNRWA and another agency (KIAROS) through CIDA.  The funding was removed once it was learned that UNRWA was diverting those funds to HAMAS (an internationally designated terrorist organization) and KIAROS’ openly anti-Semitic views.

The Gay Liberal Caucus

Seamus O’Regan, long time Trudeau pal

As much as the contingent of 10 muslims inside the liberal caucus let it be known (in no uncertain terms) the Trudeau owes his office (in a large part) to a rather large number of muslim inside of Canada that supported (by vote and donations) the Trudeau “team” during the past election, a second group was certainly not silent.

In the present liberal caucus there are four openly gay members of parliament.   Scott Brison; Bob Oliphant; Randy Boissonault and Seamus O’Regan are each gay.  O’Regan, a very close and long-time personal friend of Justin Trudeau is one of the few caucus members that can have “Trudeau’s ear” whenever he has a thought.   Trudeau had identified O’Regan as a “star candidate” not only the result of a very close personal friendship with Trudeau but because O’Regan is yet another TV news guy to add to the party stable.

During the past election, the LGBT “communities” lost 3 very active and vocal supporters in NDP MP’s Peggy Nash; Megan Leslie and Paul Dewar.  The three had openly lobbied for gay rights and youth shelters.  Those voices were lost on the “Hill”.

The Party Rift

Things inside the liberal tent began to overheat by late June and early July as Gay Pride Parades throughout Canada began to send out dignitary invitations.  The hard-line muslims inside caucus apparently make no secret about their disapproval of LGBT lives.  In numerous muslim dominated states in the Levant gays are regularly and summarily executed upon detection.  To the muslim caucus members, seeing Trudeau take such an enthusiastic and active role in numerous “Pride” parades was taken as an affront and betrayal.

Trudeau was merely utilizing the formula used to gain office.  Identify with a minority group, become their “champion” and you can count on their votes.  In essence, the liberals had used divisiveness as an electoral tool. Voters were asked to vote for him, not the result of any specific policy or platform but in hopes of holding control of the party or (at least) influence after the election.

The New Path Forward

o-JUSTIN-TRUDEAU-POT-facebookI have been told that central to all liberal conversations in Sudbury and Saguenay, Quebec was a plan to find a new issue useful to move them away from the simmering rift that has boiled over between the muslim liberal members and the gay group.   Moreover, trudeau’s penchant for constant attention to himself has apparently fanned the flames between two factions that genuinely do not like each other.

Trudeau’s theatrical attendance in various mosques is seen as ominous to the LGBT group while his attendance at several large gay pride parades has caused murmurings inside the LGBT circle, the muslim group are sensing  that they were simply being used by him and the party to collect muslim votes.

In a party that does not champion a single thing for the “common everyday Canadian” and, instead pretends to be all things to everyone any common thread is absent.  Such a thread would unite and divert attention away from the differences that trudeau repeatedly points out, “these differences do not make us weaker.  They make us stronger.”  The cracks between diverse groups that actually do not share common purpose are rendering the current government incapable of uniting towards goals (for all Canadians) that would promote common good.

 As much as electoral reform was an interesting area, the party recognized that (a) it is highly contentious and (b) that the ground work of spreading misinformation about the need/benefit had not been deeply planted in the electoral minds of Canadians. Many would suggest that if it isn’t broken, you do not need to fix it. Moreover, there are certainly a large number of issues that demand attention.  Certainly, homelessness, seniors, unemployment and job creation along with veteran’s rights are crying out for “sunny days”.

As much as the liberals pandered to muslim voters, trudeau made it known that he is a user of marijuana and wanted to see it legalized.

Trudeau Deliberately Misleading

During many of his stump speeches, Trudeau did his part to misinform about the impact of present marijuana laws in claiming that “hundreds of thousands” had been jailed in Canada during the past decade having been caught with pot.

To put that record straight: according to Statistics Canada, trudeau was lying.  Far from “hundreds of thousands” of first time offenders of Canada’s pot laws being sent to prison,  there were 26, 189 charges for marijuana possession made in Canada in 2012.  Less than one half of those found guilty were actually sent to prison. The statistics state that those sent to prison had been convicted mainly for trafficking the drug.  And, in fact 45% (11,785 cases) had been either dropped or withdrawn before trial.

Things are simply not the way Mr. trudeau depicts them.  Nonetheless, look for the pot issue to percolate its way to the top of the list.  It was seen as a way to find a cause under which the caucus could unite setting aside muslim/gay rifts that are apparently quite worrisome to the big thinkers inside the party.

Look for an older and white senior party cabinet member to champion the push towards legalizing pot.  Word has it that either Stephan Dion or Ralph Goodale will handle the file and act as quarterback.  Despite the warnings of numerous and very credible voices such as the Association of Police Chiefs and Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the liberals and (more specifically) trudeau himself need a talking point that will pit his young supporters against the rest of the population.

Oh, what a tangled web…etc etc.   Such a valuable lesson ought to be learned by trudeau.  When you have no moral compass and willingly promise everything to anyone who will support you, there will predictably be open disagreements.

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18 thoughts on “Leaked from Liberal meetings”

  1. The beginning of the end. Democracy is about to fall and full scale communism through a dictatorship of Liberals led by the infamous Trudeau Jr. will soon be upon us. With the Americans in a turmoil over electing a known criminal or a loud mouth blowhard, and wishing to move to Canada, I’m thinking I’d rather have either of them compared to what we in Canada have leading the country.

  2. I’d much rather have a loud mouth blowhard as you call Mr Trump. Then the traitor we have now. Mr Trump loves the country that gave him his riches (America). Trudope is a spolied little boy in a mans body.

  3. We knew this was coming. How can he stick up for the Gay community when he is bringing in the very people who wish to see them all dead (preferably by throwing them off buildings)? He is definitely not using his brains….oh…I forgot…he doesn’t have a brain!

    1. I agree Beverley. I’m more concerned about the aggressive immigration plan to fill the country with Sharia loving folks, not to mention an economy in almost total collapse. One can only hope that O’Leary is right, and the party wakes up and removes him before its to late.

  4. People/voters talk and what is in this article is being said repeatedly by people who actually read and educate themselves about this gov’t. Trudeau is not as well received as the liberals would like to spin it. Paid media paint him as a fantastic leader because they know where their $$ comes from. Interview pl on the street all across Canada and let’s see how popular this deceiver is! Trudeau cannot be a feminist while ignoring the plight of women /children from countries with no human rights ;he cannot pretend to be a champion of gays while chanting the Shalal ; he cannot lie about legalizing weed; he can talk about carbon footprints and fly from coast to coast and take 5 holidays in 10 months: he cannot allow $$ given to mosques and allow special apartments buildings for Muslims and expect canadians to comply. Sooner or later the slow thinks should wake up to this liar

    1. Best guess??? The “members” rightly believe that it was Trudeau’s charisma (not their own qualifications nor any real policy/platform that got them elected. That woudl be my best guess given that one of them was washing windows in Peterborough (Ontario) before moving on and becoming a Member of Parliament. Although their criticism of Harper was that he was a “control freak” or micro-manager; who knows what pressure the PMO can place on unqualified MPs (???). That is a likley scenario inside the liberal caucus.

  5. I can’t believe some Canadians are that stupid that they think this child is good for the country. He’s apathetic spoiled brat that has no idea what to do, other than sucking up to any whining group he can to get some votes. He will never do anything for the actual hard working, tax paying, non complaining Canadians that are just trying to live a good life, in peace. A pathetic spoiled brat!!! Lord I hope people grab at least a few brain cells next election.

    1. The media has certainly surrendered objectivity and honest reporting. The question remains: is this obvious bias the work of various editors adn producers or is it the offcial policy of the various meddia outlets? The answer, in the case of CBC is obvious. Meanwhile, people are flocking away from buying the newspapaers and magazines. As to teh elecronic media (TV and radio) who knows??? Work of various writers (such as myself) is to provide balance and it all depends on capturing an audience – much like the mainstream where ratings rule. I am delighted and quite proud of the readership that I have capture. In addition, I wholesheartedly support other “alernative sources” such as Rebel. My commitment remains: to provide factual/well researched information.

  6. I applaud you, Lloyd Fournier, We need truth, not rumors. Can you more info on the Harper reign , and just what he did, and his spending, JT is spreading stuff that is not true. Thanks

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