Some Election Results Raise Questions  [The Iqra Khalid Vote Numbers are a Puzzle]



It is absolutely correct that Canada is a land of opportunity.  However, in some cases things just do not make sense and require scrutiny.  Anyone who works for a living understand that the street here are not exactly paced with gold.

The Iqra Khalid (Mississauga Erin Mills) story in the 2015 Federal election is certainly a story that is well outside of either common sense or probability.

Reading Khalid’s biography notes, we learn that she arrived in Canada from Pakistan in the 1990s and that she attended York University until 2007. Thus, she was remote to community of Erin Mills (Mississauga) for a large amount of time when most pursuing political office would be expected to be inside the riding and building name recognition.

Subsequently, she spent time in Michigan again taking courses at a Michigan University.

Her scant time in Canada and considerable time outside of the riding she would ultimately seek election in are hardly pursuits aimed at building name recognition in a Federal Riding where one seeks election a short time later.

The 2015 election results show that Khalid garnered 27,520 votes or about 49.7% of the ballots counted in the fall of 2015 Federal election where she immerged as the Member of Parliament for that riding.  Her relatively short time (post education) in employment was working as a Legal Clerk for the City of Mississauga – again, hardly the stuff of which name recognition is built.

Thus, it is reasonable to consider that whatever name recognition that Khalid had built was likely built upon the Pakistani/Muslim expatriates residing and eligible to vote in the 2015 Federal election.  And, it is at that point that things just do not make logical sense.

Statistics Canada reports that Erin Mills (riding area) has 7,335 Pakistani expatriates of which 1,090 are first generation Canadians (folks who recently arrived in Canada).  Even IF each of Pakistani expats voted for Khalid; 7,335 votes would have landed her in third place.  Extrapolating the Statistics Canada Census data further, let’s assume that 100% of the Muslim population in that riding (which I will assume to include the Pakistani number  – above) all voted and all voted for Khalid, she could have ended up with 18,840 votes and finished deeply in second place.

I am left scratching my head and trying to understand how an unknown, who had spent little time in the community because of time away at university could possible end up with 27,520 votes.  There is a mathematical “gap” of about 8,680 votes (27,520 minus 18,840) that escapes logic.

It makes one wonder if there is either a logic explanation or serious reason to ponder voter irregularities.

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10 thoughts on “Some Election Results Raise Questions  [The Iqra Khalid Vote Numbers are a Puzzle]”

  1. You aren’t the only one to be baffled by her. Must be the Liberal magic at work. This isn’t Denmark but something smells rotten. More investigation required.

  2. Is there any investigation on those elections going on at his point? Very fishy results. Furthermore, she was at the university in Michigan as mentioned. It makes it even worse since Michigan is a state with many muslims who are belligerent to society.

  3. I deeply mistrust this Iqra Khalid. From the first time I viewed her on a video recorded in Parliament re: M103 and upon reading subsequent articles and interviews, something just seems very “off” to me about this woman. Her family have ties to the Muslin Brother and this is documented. At University she was a member of the Muslim Students Association and that has ties with CAIR Canada and Muslim Brotherhood which goes without saying. She most certainly needs to be further investigated. I want to know what her affiliations and ties were in Michigan (and we all know what sharia law is doing in Michigan now … hmmmm???) She reminds me of Hillary Clinton’s offside Huma Abedin. She also reminds me of Wiley Coyote. I do not trust this woman. I go by my intuition as well as what I have researched about her. Please, will you liase with TheRebel.Media or others and find out for us who is this Iqra Khalid. And do it quickly too! 🙂

  4. How can we get someone to Dow something about this. How are all these Muslims becoming so prominent since Trudeau as been in office, I don’t only not trust this lady, I also don’t trust Justin Trudeau to go by the rules, he manipulates everything to make sure he gets the vote, which should also get more scrutiny.

    1. Good morning Dorothy,
      Thank you for reading my work. The big problem is that the media is failing to disclose such things. Thus, (like many others) we have created an alternative in order to permit Canadians to become a bit more informed. I write regularly about issues such as this and am VERY happy to watch my audience grow constantly. I can only suggest that you consider following me on Twitter where you will receive updates regularly or (alternately) follow my stuff on this site. You are certainly not alone in thinking that something does not “pass the smell test” with this candidate. Yours is one of several hundred comments I am responding to . The best thing any of us can do is to share the story with others and thereby build a consensus. I could have written much more about this particular individual and may visit the subject again in the future including her activities at York University and at Western Michigan University where she appears to be deeply involved with some “notorious” islamic groups. In addition, few people know that her election campaign was a “bit” odd in that it was financed from inside the Liberal Party of Canada

  5. Iqra Khalid is the one who had erroneous information on her citizen application, on where she was born. information which has put others in legal limbo. Yet she remained a Minister and Member of Parliament, while the Liberals covered and swept it away. … The whole 2015 election, as the Liberals go, was always …suspect… to me. Even weeks before election day, all polls seem to have had Conservatives with a decent lead, and NDP giving the Liberals a hard battle for second place. And yet we are where we are. Anyway, back to Iqra Khalid. It looks like she has someone(s) rather powerful, supporting, even protecting her.

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