Funding Political Violence


[The Media won’t Report the Story- why?]

The clash in Charlottesville, Virginia (a town of 46,000) was much more than just “tragic”.   One person died and dozens were injured; but perhaps the biggest harm is that truth was again the victim.

 For two days, this quiet university town was invaded by violent actors intent on making a point at any cost.  We have all watched this tragic drama play over and over again in places such as Washington (D.C.); New York City; Berkley (California); Ferguson (Missouri) and Toronto (Ontario, Canada) and Ottawa (Ontario, Canada).  In each incident, one single group has been front and centre: ANTIFA (the hooded and masked “anti-fascist” gang which revels in anarchy and leaves behind a trail of burned cars and smashed stores).

In Charlottesville, the ANTIFA gangs showed up magically uniformed in black, faces covered with masks and violently opposed another group – a coalition of groups (more precisely) who had obtained a permit to protest the removal of a statue.  I will leave it to the main-stream-media to pass along its version of those events of August 11, 12 and 13th, 2017.  However, once again it is blatantly obvious that there is an agenda within the main-stream-media to mislead by withholding information and overly emphasizing a single point of view which would ideally become public opinion.  Many of us who become involved in the search for truth in reporting have turned away from main-stream-media for exactly that reason; it is biased.


aljazeeraI ponder how many decent folks know this.  The world-wide muslim news agency  (Aljazeera) gloated about the Charlottesville mayhem in its front page article on August 17th, 2017.  It was no coincidence that the Aljazeera article was captioned “racism “in America.  I suspect that the monkeys inside ISIS tents were eating that story up within hours.

Let’s set aside the “crap” and leave out terminology such as “racism”; “supremist”; “alt-right” and ANTIFA and call it what it is (was).  It is anarchy and it represents an undermining and steady deterioration of the very glue that holds democratic society together …law, order and mutual respect.

Somehow, along the way it has become “okay” to form a mob and collectively vent our disagreements by way of riots and public mayhem.  No society can long survive when law takes a passive back seat to anarchy.  The events in Charlottesville (and in Ferguson; Berkely; Washington; and New York) were one thing –and one thing only.  They were anarchy being acted out boldly on public display for the sake of main-stream-media attention.  Don’t be too smug, Canada – the same events and ANTIFA held centre stage under the guise of “demonstrations” in Ottawa and Toronto within the past three months.

Let’s Take the Face Masks off ANTIFA

Alright, the main-steam-media won’t perform that disclosure.  So who will? There is an active alternate media and fortunately through it, details often emerge.  With a fast growing mistrust in main-steam-media sources such as CNN, CBC et al there is an equally fast growing interest in finding missing parts of news stories by searching small-alternative sources.

I was curious (as example) to learn where the funding for ANTIFA came from.  Things don’t happen by coincidence.  Gangs of young thugs clocked in black uniforms and black face masks don’t magically materialize in Charlottesville (Virginia).  They came by bus load from across USA.  Someone coordinated that call to arms. Someone wrote the checks to pay for the buses, food and lodging. Someone paid for the bull-horns and the black outfits.

Drill down a bit and there is no big surprise that a large number of the alternative media sources are pointing a finger at George Soros.

Reporters such as Pamela Geller (the Geller Report) exposed the ANTIFA money-trail in Europe over one year ago (January 2016) with a fulsome report into ANTIFA financing in Germany were being paid $50 (each) per hour by the German Socialist League.  In Geller’s report, she actually included Twitter entries made by German ANTIFA members such as this,

ANTIFA Germany

Translated, the “tweet” says,” Now I’m going to bed, in the bed that naturally was bought and paid for by demonstration money…that’s all for today #thanksantifa”.

To be clear, ANTIFA has been a scourge in Germany and other parts of Europe long before North American “franchises” appeared.  Prior to latching onto the ANTIFA label, these same thug gangs in Canada and USA operated under the “brand name” “Occupy”.

Is it a mere coincidence that the ANTIFA gangs arrived in Charlottesville on George Soros’ birthday (he was born on August 12, 1930 !!!)  Is it coincidence that TV film crews from major media man-stream outlets happened to have hotel reservations in Charlottesville.  It is a “bit” uncanny that the media is sufficiently clairvoyant and is able to forecast news. 

You see, UNLESS bus loads of ANTIFA thugs had not been pouring into Charlottesville there would not have been violent confrontations and therefore, there would not have been new stories.

Several stories directly attribute funding of ANTIFA activities to George Soros.  A Christian based site, NTEB (Now the End Begins

George Soros’ Financial  Involvement Exposed



It is established fact that despite his avowed claims of advocating for and financing egalitarian goals including his donations to racial-based causes like Black Lives Matter (BLM), Soros’ anti-Semitic hatred, his Open Society Foundation created and heavily funds activities aimed at destruction of the State of Israel (his support for organizations with the sole purpose of eroding support for the existence of Israel).

While the USA Department of Justice, Congress and now Senate are feeding speculation about alleged involvement of the Russian spy agencies in anti-Clinton activities leading up to Trump’s eventual victory; the public is NOT being informed by the main-stream-media about the genuine issues pertaining to Russian hacking at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) bureaus.  It may well be that the genuine worry (by Soros) is that the dirty laundry surrounding his anti-Israel agendas was exposed through DC Leaks at the same time (mysteriously) that hacks penetrated the DNC’s files.

The revelations by DC Leaks of Soros’ business files made it clear that Soros was not only intent on destruction of Israel but had pumped millions into activities that undermined Israeli security and economy.  The DC Leaks revealed a long-time and enormous amount of Soros’ charity money flowed regularly into Adalah, NIF, Women against Violence, I’lam, Media Center for Arab Palestinians in Israel, Mada al-Carmel, Kayan-Feminist Organization, Mossawa Center, Molad, The Galilee Society, Al-Tufula Center, Ma’an, Injaz, Sidreh, Lakiya, Baladna, Arab Association for Human Rights, National Committee of Heads of Arab Local Authorities in Israel, PILI Foundation.  Among the undertakings and pet projects of these various groups were carefully concealed large scale funding for the “Durban Strategy” and the openly hostile efforts to erode support for the only non-muslim country in the Middle East and a long-time strategic-military partner for the USA (and indirectly for NATO).  A thinly veiled “smear campaign” conducted by the Durban supporters regularly depicted a nazi swastika superimposed on the Israeli flag. I need not bother to make attempt to compare perceived harm caused by a statue of a long-dead Confederate General to the present day hurt caused by the swastika/Israeli flag insult.

To be entirely factual, General Robert Lee was absolutely on the wrong side of history –that can never be changed.  Nonetheless, I have yet to uncover one single shred of evidence indicating that Lee killed even one black person.  For Soros to financially connect the Black Lies Matter (BLM) movement (which he funds) with the activities of individuals calling Jews – Nazis  is beyond absurd.

In addition to funding Durban, the leaked documents also disclosed heavy financial backing for the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement working to end international support for Israel.  That group has been heavily engaged in actions aimed at undermining the Israeli economy.  It would seem that the ultimate goal of BDS is to cripple Israel’s economy and bringing Israel to its knees.

How Powerful is Soros?

The 84-year old businessman is said to be among the world’s 20 richest persons.  His assault on the British economy in 1992 not only netted him a profit of 10 billion (British pounds) but did immeasurable harm to Britain’s least fortunate: seniors on fixed rate pensions, single parent families, the impoverished and the working poor.  That 10 billion pounds that found its way to Soros was no longer available for many social needs inside Britain. Soros is widely known as, “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England”.

Soros is certainly not a benign “old sugar daddy”.  There is little evidence that much he becomes involved in has ultraistic motivations behind it.

His financial backing of the Against Fascism (ANTIFA) movement explains a great deal about the financial resources employed by ANTIFA and is widely being reported in the alternative media.  Wake up Western World – the wolves are at your door.

Whenever the Department of Justice and the various USA House committees eventually wrap up to tiresome Russian investigations, maybe some effort ought to be focused on Mr. Soros – a foreign national who is regularly interfering in USA politics (and a great pal of Canadian PM Trudeau).

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  1. I was surprised to learn of the long and deep relationship Freeland has with soros. It seems she is more than just a puppet – more like an accomplice…

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